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When considering an estate agent to sell your property, here at Malcolm James Independent Estate Agents, we believe the following 10 point criteria and facts are essential & the reason for choosing us:

  • Experienced staff (MJ has 5 staff members with over 100 years combined “un-rivalled” experience)
  • Knowledgeable staff (All bar 1 member, lives locally here in Whittlesey –“un-rivalled”)
  • Qualified valuer -24 years experience (CPEA1 qualified via National Association Estate Agents)-   
  • Impressive proven track record (fact is since
    1996 we have literally sold hundreds of
    properties)-  “un-rivalled”
  • Honest, trust-worthy & creditable. (We are proud chosen members of The Guild of Professional
    Estate Agents & The Ombudsman Scheme.)- “un-rivalled”
  • Intense Marketing & Advertising (Your property is
    exposed on 8 property websites inc. the industries top 4 sites.) – “un-rivalled”
  • Regional Advertising (6 Weekly magazine
    publication, distributed over 3 counties, Cambs, Beds & Herts)- “un-rivalled”
  • National Advertising (London Park Lane office 
    exposure)- “un-rivalled”
  • National Networking ( via 750+ fellow Guild members nationwide) –“un-rivalled”
  • Very competitive Fees (Best value for money guaranteed!) –“rivalled” – but always beaten!


Our Top Tip For Selling- You Only Get One Chance To Set A Good First Impression.

Pre-appointment – Please take the time to present your property to the best of your ability & its best potential. Many viewers often make a decision within the first few seconds and un-fortunately some do not have the for-sight to see beyond that first impression. So we strongly advise you to make an effort to de-clutter (make access to each room easy), de-personalise (remove photographs & personal effects) clean & deodorise (ensure cleanliness & ensure there is a fresh or neutral odour), keep the gardens tidy & presentable, (lawns free from animal business, if applicable).

We are always willing to accompany all viewings, but if you are confident to show the clients around yourselves, then try not to pick out or comment on negative facts-unless questioned. Then always give an honest answer! However, if there is an issue with the property, it is always best to be up-front, to avoid the disappointment of a withdrawal of a purchase, at a later date!

When showing the viewers around your property, usually you will start from the reception hall and enter the first reception room. Always point out all the positives & strike up a report by maybe commenting on the reasons why you purchased the property or you favourite aspects etc. Having shown them around once; we advise you always give them an opportunity to have another look around on their own there & then or invite them back for another appointment, at a later date to suit both parties. If the viewers are un-familiar to the area, be inquisitive to their motivation in viewing & feel free to give a brief account of the local activities, sights & amenities etc.

Do not try to over-sell your home. This maybe construed as being “desperate” and could be exploited by the buyer in the form of lower offers! Furthermore, if the viewer tries to “negotiates” with you, there & then; then we strongly advise that you refrain from total commitment, un-less it is a very good offer. Otherwise, we suggest you leave the negotiating to ourselves, as we will have determined their financial potential & limits. Ultimately, we want to get you the “best price”, rather than you are put on the spot and make a pressurised decision?

If after several viewings we are getting regular & similar negative feed-back, then we will advise you to address & rectify this matter if possible or may-be offer a discount on the price, to compensate?

Here at Malcolm James, we are very confident in our ability to sell houses, however, to a degree, the house will sell itself and our main task is to promote its availability to as many clients as possible & for us to “sell” the viewing. Something that we are very successful at.

“You’ll Be Moved By Our Service” Call us on 01733 202602, if you have any questions? Want a valuation? Or general advice on selling or an up-date of the current “local” market conditions?

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